Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Loving Family

Dear Beloved,

Welcome home!  Please take a moment to admire, enjoy and appreciate this clean, orderly and tidy kitchen.

The time spent clearing out (and filling!) the fridge, scrubbing the bins, cleaning sinks, surfaces and floors were filled with love for you, me and for our home.

Its wonderful you're here and I hope you will accept my heartfelt welcome gift of a calm and peaceful space to relax and unwind in.  My wish is that our time together be full of loving moments; creating wonderful meals, having interesting conversations, talking over any problems, laughing, crying and having fun!

All I ask is that the state of the kitchen act as a template, that it reflect a mindful attitude and set the standard for the rest of our home.

I'm not asking for things to be perfect or immaculate, only
awareness of and commitment to a certain standard of housekeeping. My heart's desire is that our time together be filled with love, ease and celebration and a good attitude toward a shared environment will help.

So welcome, my Beloved, chill, sit back, enjoy.

And please leave the kitchen how you found it. :)

Much love, as ever.

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