Creating Space

Wouldn't you love to make space in your life to just play around with new ideas and dabble in creative projects?

Creating Space workshops are just that - time set aside for fun and discovery, time out from taking care of others and time in your own creative space.

"I loved the opportunity to play with a purpose.  The atmosphere was, as always, lovely.  The snacks fantabulous (!) and the creative equipment provided varied, fun and plentiful...You made us all feel at ease with sharing, experimenting and letting it all out.  Looking forward to joining another!  The hardest thing was stopping - it would have been very easy to carry on all day."

No artistic skills are needed.  These workshops are run by me and I'm definitely NOT AN ARTIST - but I am someone who knows how important an outlet for creative self-expression is for happiness and well-being.

Permission to....
Want to get your creative juices flowing?  Give yourself permission for time Creating Space.

Saturdays 9.30 - 12.30  £35.   Book early to reserve your space.

"I absolutely loved the creative journaling course .. To arrive at something with no expectations but just a morning of sticking and gluing ahead was too good to be true. I loved the idea of "permission to” and it has become a part of our daily family life..  I am hugely lacking in confidence in my ability to draw/paint and to do it all my way was so liberating and so much fun.. We have spent this morning chopping up magazines, getting out all our old paints, drawing books and I am being pestered for a trip to Hobbycraft! My only negative was that it wasn’t long enough…!  I would have happily done a day..  "
"Thank you so much for the course on Saturday!  I loved it, and when I told the girls about it they wanted to start their own books right then and there, with only 20 minutes left till dinner time they were determinedly cutting and sticking several pages including 'favourite things' and 'things I love' and 'me when I was a baby'.  We have also agreed that we only look at each others' books when the person whose book it is wants to show it to us."
"What worked for me was the freedom, relaxed atmosphere and opportunity to get creative, the price is fair and craft material excellent."

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